Sunday, 22 April 2018

Salon Alzahrah salon muslimah

Assalamualaikum semua! Harini nak tulis entri tentang salon muslimah di shah alam. Haaa kepada sesiapa yang tertanya-tanya mana nak potong rambut atau nak buat facial, bertangas dan lain-lain boleh pergi Salon Alzahrah di seksyen 7 shah alam. Pekerja sangat peramah dan baik hati. Suka borak-borak. Ini pula pakej yang disediakan dan harga terkini salon alzahrah.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I Got Hyped!

Hello again dear self. I have no time to update my blog but my internship ended on May 26th sad yet happy. Bittersweet feelings. So far okay today i wanna talk about my milestone. My highest achievement during my internship period is this one article that got hyped by Yahoo! Singapore itself from . Not long but i just want to mark this achievement. I got hyped. Here is the link


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kdramas zaman sekolah

These are my top kdramas masa zaman sekolah :

1. BOF (2009)
2. You're Beautiful (2009)
3. Princess Hours (2006)
4. Coffee prince (2007)
5. Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (2012)
6. My Girl (2005)
7. Full House (2004)
8. My girlfriend is a gumiho (2010)
9. 3 dad 1 mom (2008)
10. Yoo hee the witch (2007)
11. East of Eden(2008)
12. Hello my lady/ Hello miss (2007)
13. Gourmet (2008)
14.Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)
15. Iljimae (2008)
16. Prince Hours / Goong S (2007)
17.Unstoppable marriage (2007)
18.  Baby faced beauty (2011)
19. You are my destiny (2008)
20.  Heading to the ground / no limit (2009)
21.  Dream 2009
22. Style 2009
23. Playful kiss 2010
24. Scarlet heart ryeo 2016
25. Oh! My Lady 2010
26. The woman who still wants to marry 2010
27. Protect the boss 2011
28. Monstar 2013

Nanti ingat lagi akanku update

Nak tgk xdpt:
1. World's within (2008)
2. Dream high 1 and 2 (2011 & 2012)
3. Hero (2009, lee junki)
4. Iris (2009)
5. My fair lady (2009)
6. Shining inheritance 2009
7. Secret garden 2010
8. Marry me, Mary 2010
9. Cinderella’s Stepsister 2010
10. Personal taste 2010
11. Heartstrings 2011
12. City hunter 2011
13. Missing you 2012
14. Dots 2016
15. Rooftop prince 2012
16.The heirs 2013

Friday, 3 March 2017


Hai again. Kena update ni sebagai kenangan. 6Feb 2017 yg lalu aku mulakan intern kat sini. Best sgt ada sambutan raya cina and lion dance. Siap dpt angpao dari CEO.  Tak lupa juga dpt free lunch Kenny Rogers. Wah so kind. Thank you for the 100 bucks dear Mr. CEO. Alhamdulillah. NEar to house and very relavant. The allowance pun ok. RM 550 per month is ok for me bcoz dekat dgn rumah and no hassle. Free from traffic jams. The workers here are so helpful and very very friendly. One nice experience. Now mmg dpt byk input intern sini. Mcm2 artikel aku google dan dari situ aku dpt byk pengetahuan tentang digital world ni. Memang awesome siapa tahu fiat money and jatuh hancur satu hari nanti diganti dgn DIGITAL MONEY. Aku doakan terbaik to those yg fight for the new era of money and payments after FIAT money hancur nanti. Salah satunya kwn aku. Good luck!

Overall mmg best. I have option to work from home. Kat rumah tu jgn mengular je. Mmg semestinya buat kerja. But more flexible.

Good luck to me as a Digital Marketer!

Love You MOLPay Sdn Bhd  ❤❤❤

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Pada cuti hari raya cina yang lepas (2017) kami mengadakan hari keluarga dan temanya pink kalini. Jadi memang penat lah. Gila penat. Naik ETS dari KL sentral stop kat arau, pakcik idris amik terus gi kuala perlis naik feri ke langkawi. sampai dah malam. tido je. Food dalam ETS mahal. Aku mkn meehun RM9 satu paket. mahai kan? Rasa xde la sedap mana. 

Hari kedua ramai2 pergi naik skycab aka cable car. Satu hari lah kat sana bukan takat tuskycab je.. Ada macam2 lg, 3D art museum, 6D movie, Skyrex, dan macam2 lg. Balik dah 3ptg mmg penat cam nyawa2 ikan tinggal hahaha GUnung mat cincang mmg cantik sgt2. Sejuk atas tu sambil nikmati sandwich ala ala subway. Bolehlah afford harganya. dalam RM12. Harga cam subway gak lah.
Malam makan kat mana tah tp nasib baik sedap. xpndg org dh sbblapaq gila. Balik je rumah rehat terus tido.  Abg Zaid mmg driver best. Ramah dan bawa jalan2. Dapat la tgk pantai cenang kejap.

Hari ke-3 mmg lawak. Makan before nak naik feri ke kuala perlis. Ramai org mkn kat jeti tapi kitorg tetap serbu kenny rogers . LAPAR!!! Dah tu mkn cam marathon. feri 230ptg. Aku punya kejar feri dgn cousins aku dan adik2 aku cam kilat lari. Mmg xkan lupa lah. lari kejar feri cam dlm Home Alone tu lah kejar flight. Xigt org dh aku heret je bagasi tu org tgk pelik peduli apa feri nk lepas dh. nasib baik sempat naik. Sampai je kat kuala perlis pakcik idris bwk mkn mee bandung tepi ETS pastu smpai KL dalam 12mlm camtu. Baik tido tertepek sakit belakang sebab duduk dlm ETS lama gila. Tido lah pstu. 

Overall bestlah tp sikit je aktiviti so xbape nak menarik. Bye jumpa lain kali hehe

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tech hacks: 5 Email Marketing Hacks

1)  Collect email addresses everywhere
Of course you have a form on your blog to collect email addresses but don’t stop there! You can also find them all over the Internet. Big data collects more email addresses than you can imagine, and they're at your disposal if you know where to look.
Use pop-up forms and interstitial ads to accumulate even more addresses when people visit your website. You can also collect them on social media platforms. By using a Lead Generation Card on Twitter, for example, you can gather email addresses for free.

2)  Personalization
Emails that use personalization in the subject line or salutation receive 26% more opens. Greeting prospects by name can help humanize your brand, making it feel more like an email from a friend than an email from a business. We like our friends more than we like people trying to sell things to us, but 70% of people say they will always open an email from their favorite companies. Break the barrier and be that favorite company!

3)  Frequency of email marketing
We do want to bug people with business emails too often or too less. People can get annoyed if they received too much emails from the same business thus at the end of the day, they will just ignore the email. Make sure the email is short and simple – just straight to the point!

4)  Ask someone to respond
It is easy to overlook at important emails. If you have a large email list, you are likely getting replies that you never see. It is so important to have a real inbox where replies can be monitored. What if someone just needs one last bit of information before becoming a customer? Or worse, what if someone replies and never hears back, left to assume you don’t care about their needs. Thus, it is important to have someone from the company to reply emails as soon as possible.

5)  Optimize for mobile devices
Statistic shows that, 55% of emails are now opened on mobile devices and 71% of emails  do not display correctly will be deleted immediately. An email not formatted for mobile compatibility is guaranteed to generate an abysmal click-thru rate. All emails should be designed responsively, and you should review them on multiple platforms before sending to ensure that they are formatted correctly in both HTML and text, desktop and mobile, and even in different internet browsers.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Popular and Top Scams in The World

  1. The Nigerian/Ghana Emergency Scam
  2. Plane Ticket & Visa Scam
  3. Medical Emergency Scam
  4. Nigerian 419 Scam
  5. Fake Police Scam
  6. Cashing Money Order Scam
  7. Lottery Scams
  8. Phony Inheritance Scams
  9. Disaster Relief Scams
  10. Business Investment Scams
  11. Job Scams, Online Classified Scams & Phishing
Some Scammers pretend to be UK-based and use what look like UK telephone numbers but are actually virtual numbers, which may redirect to anywhere in the world (UK – Nigeria, for eg). These are the digits to look out for at the start of a virtual phone number.

Dialling from outside UK
+44 70** *** ***
+44 3** *** ***
+44 84* *** ***
+44 87* *** ***
+44 9** *** ***

Dialling from inside UK
070** *** ***
03** *** ***
084* *** ***
087* *** ***
09** *** *** is a good resource to check suspect pics.

 Cick THIS for more details